How to be a better storyteller.

A storyteller is a person who loves telling stories. Whether reading them aloud or penning them down. A storyteller is more than just a writer. The world of stories is new yet tested for her at the same time. It’s more than just a fantasy. It’s more than mundane work. It definitely is exciting and rejuvenating. A storyteller is a charmer and a heartbreaker. She is the protagonist and the antagonist. She is the creator of magical realms. And to be a good storyteller is a gift any fiction writer would love to possess.

There are a few ways a fiction writer can improve his/her storytelling techniques.

  • Be yourself– Please, please, please! Be original. Don’t try to be the Brontes or the Rowlings. They are they and you my friend, are you! The unique you. You have your experiences and your own opinions. You might tell the same story in a complete different way. And that’s terrific. Until you accept your voice no one else would. Just like, it’s not possible to love someone who doesn’t love themselves. So, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and narrate the tale you believe in.
  • Focus on your reader– This is a must. Always have your focused reader in your mind while penning down your story. After all, you want them to read and appreciate your work. I’ll take my example here. My father doesn’t really like the novels or stories I write. He would keep telling me to write something similar to the classics or something that might be critically acclaimed. Well, I don’t want to write either of it! My target audience is very different. Also, I can’t write something I don’t like reading. So, don’t give in to the advice you receive from the outside world. Keep your ideal reader in mind while narrating your story.
  • Make your protagonist suffer– Oh yes! No matter how much you love him/her, make them suffer as much as you can. You want your reader to be on the edge while reading your story ALL THE TIME! It’s tough but is one of the most important traits of a good storyteller. Create twists and conflicts. Raise the tension in your story and find ways to torture your protagonist. But always remember, to make him/her fight back and in the end, resolve all conflicts.
  • Be honest– Currently, I’m working on my fourth novel. And it scares me. Its way different than the ones I’ve written so far and I have to overcome a lot of inhibitions before writing it down. But, I’m a storyteller and I believe a story of this kind needs to be told. You never know whom you might inspire. That’s one of the things I love about storytelling. So don’t be afraid to narrate something that scares you or something that’s different from what’s normally accepted by the society. Write what you want to write. But make sure you pack a message.

These are four of the ways how you can be a better storyteller. Storytelling is much more than character descriptions, plots or narrations. It’s about striking a chord with your readers. It’s about reaching out to them and making them believe in you. I hope you liked this article. If yes, then do subscribe to stay updated.

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