How to restart your writing habit.

Habit is something you build over time. Bit by bit every day. It takes time and effort to build something substantial. However, once you get down the daily routine, habits can actually get out the window and never return, especially when it comes to writing. But, the good thing is, if one is conscious about the dropping curve and if one is really interested in hopping on the habit train one can restart the writing habit. Again, bit by bit every day. In this article I have covered some pints that will prove to be useful for writers across all genres.

  1. Start slow- I am still recovering from COVID. My husband and my mother in law were also positive and they were in isolation but, I wasn’t. I had to take care of everyone and this virus did take a physical and mental strain on me. Although, I have successfully defeated the virus, it has made me weak and I’m unable to work at my full strength. Having said this, COVID affected my writing terribly and in order to get back pumping articles regularly, I’ll have to restart by taking it slow. I call it a warm up before my writing sprint. If you also have encountered a similar situation then it’s advisable to start slow and take one baby step at a time. Once you’re comfortable in the routine you can always level up.
  2. Make a routine- Always write it down. Because, we tend to forget. The first ten minutes of my day are spent in writing down the things I need to accomplish during my day. Some get finished while some remain. The ones I’m unable to complete get carried forward to the next day. When you plan a routine you tell yourself you’re willing to get things done. But, when you write it down you program your subconscious to get serious about the game.
  3. Stick to it- It might take time and you might feel weak and at loss of ideas. But trust me a writer is never out of ideas. Go through some of your previously written work and generate some ideas and BANG! You’ve got some kickers to start off with. But, in order to do all of this, it’s important that you stick to the routine you’ve set up. Otherwise, it’ll be of no use.
  4. Take feedback- Why? Because, you need someone to help you ease into your writing routine. Restarting anything takes time. It’s mentally draining especially when you’re starting from scratch. Therefore, you need people to support you and guide. Energy rubs off! Have like- minded people who are on the same path as you in your friend list and you’ll see the difference in your writing habit.

These were some of the points which are helping me restart my writing habit. I hope you too will benefit from them. You can read more on writing habits here. If you liked this short and sweet post, do subscribe.

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Ritiqa Pachauri.

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