Ritiqa Pachauri is the founder of Writers Street– an editing and e-publishing house. She is an author, blogger, editor, and writing coach. Her first three novels portrayed strong contemporary female lead characters. However, her latest novel- Bhairavi showcases an IPS Officer who is determined to catch the psychotic pedophile.

Ritiqa also writes short stories which revolve around horror, mystery, and thriller genres. Her short story- House Number 27 also became an Amazon bestseller in 2020. The Affair was Ritiqa’s first novel and was a best-seller which she launched in Birla Auditorium, Jaipur @thegreatindianbooktour in September 2018. Her second novel- Virago was launched in December 2018 and is now an Amazon bestseller. Happily Frustrated went on to become an Amazon bestseller in 2021.

Ritiqa’s website offers free advice for fiction writers. Sidney Sheldon, Willow Rose, and Paulo Coelho are her favorite authors. She helps aspiring writers to improve their writing skills along with helping them become more productive. Originally from Agra Ritiqa now lives in Jaipur.

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Coming soon to your nearest stores

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