7 ways to overcome writer's block.

Every writer faces writer’s block. Writer’s block means when a writer is unable to move the story forward in the desired manner. When one runs out of ideas or when one feels as if the direction in which the story is moving is wrong. No matter whom the writer might be, writer’s block is not imaginary. It’s very much real and I after having written three novels and lots of short stories can definitely vouch for the fact. Many authors have their own ways of overcoming it, some I agree with the others not so much. In this article you’ll read about the ways I follow and which work for me.

7 ways of kicking writer’s block-

  1. Talk the scene out in your head- This is usually the best way to start off with. Stop writing and start talking. Talk to your characters. Imagine yourself in their place and see how you would react in a similar situation. Now, one thing to be kept in mind is that you must drop all inhibitions and be non- judgmental towards yourself while doing so. I often surprise myself how cunning or witty I can be while I’m in my characters shoes. This is the beauty of being a storyteller after all.
  2. Write on a separate page- When faced with the writer’s block I open a new document on MS Word and I start writing whatever possible scenario that come to my mind regarding the story. A new page away from my current novel gives me a fresh perspective. I don’t have to worry about it ruining my story. It’s like a brainstorming session. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but it certainly leads to generating fresh ideas which can be taken up in the form of a new story.
  3. Change your workspace- This is another effective way of overcoming writer’s block. Change spices things up and open your mind for fresh ideas. You don’t have to change your office address. A small change like sitting at the coffee table instead of your mahogany desk will also do the trick.
  4. Read a book in the similar genre- As writers we anyways read a lot. It’s part of our job and we love it! When struck by a writer’s block try reading a book written by some other author in the similar genre. I did this while writing my third novel last year and it worked wonderfully well. Sometimes the ideas in our head get mixed up and we have difficulty sorting them out in the right order. Reading a published book shows us the right process through which we can sort out our mess and get set writing.
  5. Have a mentor- I can’t emphasize enough on this point. I realized the importance of having a mentor while I was writing my first novel. I not faced one but several writer’s blocks in the process and having a mentor proved to be a blessing. Your mentor is an experienced person who acts like your guide. Don’t be shy to ask questions and reach out for help. Remember, help comes to those who ask for it.
  6. Binge eat/drink- Let’s face it. Some days are simply dull days. No matter what we do they seem to be a drag. I keep a small stock of chocolates for such lazy days. When feeling sluggish I gulp down mugs of coffee and have my favorite white chocolates. The combination instantly makes me feel happy and when happy I love to write. I might not continue with my existing project but I do write something. (check out point 2 above)
  7. Sleep on it- When nothing works and you feel like you’re running out of gas, take a break. Writer’s block can be caused due to burn outs. I did this when I started my author career. I would take a break for a couple of days and focus on other things instead. After 2-3 days I would return with swag. I was able to write more words and with a better expressions. The dialogues would be more colorful and the narration would be more in tune with my chosen theme. So you too can take a break for a few days and return to your writing with a bang.

Writer’s block is very much real but as writers we can’t be afraid of it. Take it head on and don’t let you stop from finishing that novel you’re working on. If you have more tips to share do drop a comment below. If you liked this article then please subscribe so you don’t miss out on future posts.



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